Door Dents and Creases

Door Dent and Crease

Door Dent and Creases. Let us help to save you hundreds of dollars simply by making the choice of using PDR or also known as Paintless Dent Removal.

With manufacturers looking for ways to make your car more efficient and light weight in recent years modern cars are prone to hail damage. With constant changes in manufactures metals used to build vehicles modern cars are going to receive hail damage because of the lightweight metals used. Want to know more. Need an estimate. Contact us today and let us help to remove the damage from your vehicle. Do you have paint damage, if not then PDR is the perfect option for you. Easy to use estimate or schedule repair form online. Select schedule repair at the top of the website. Use your smart phone or table right beside your car and take a couple of images to add into the form. We will reply quickly with the answers you want to hear and a price you cannot beat.

We also look after plastic bumper dents. Plastic molded bumpers can usually be brought back to their original shape and one of our common repairs. If you have this type of damage it is wise to look after the repairs right away. Often left for long periods of time the paint will crack inside or around the damage and eventually come off.